About Tiber


Tiber Solutions is a consultancy focused exclusively on Data Analytics. We have a long track record of success helping government and commercial clients improve their decision making through the intelligent use of data.

Our solutions have assisted customers in:

  • Detecting securities insider trading rings
  • Detecting and preventing bank failures
  • Developing protocols for malaria prevention in Africa
  • Managing the life cycle of MBA candidates
  • Understanding how passenger travel experiences impact future sales
  • Monetize transactional data by creating subscription-based analytic products”
  • Many others

Tiber’s leadership team has worked together for over 20 years and has a history of success building analytic solutions for government and commercial organizations. This experience, combined with a unique culture based on client service, high trust and constant learning distinguishes Tiber in the Marketplace.

Although technology plays a central role to our work, people are the key to our success. We don’t pigeonhole our consultants into one specialty, but look for individuals who are interested in becoming hands-on, expert-level practitioners in all areas of analytics and have strong leadership, business, and communication skills.

Our clients love our philosophy because it allows us to approach our work with smaller, cross-functional “A-Teams” that are highly productive and agile. Our business partners find that by embedding our experts in their projects they can reduce risk and improve their ability to meet commitments and build their own expertise.

Most importantly, our people enjoy the opportunity to learn from leaders and colleagues that are recognized industry experts.

Tiber’s Specialties


Modern Data Warehousing

Cloud Data Architecture

Traditional Data Warehousing

Data Lakes

Data Management

Dashboard / Data Visualization

Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics

Data Engineering/ETL

Data Strategy

Leadership Development

Employee Description

Tiber's Most Valued Asset

  • Tiber employees maintain a positive work-life balance.
  • Tiber employees are hands-on, expert-level practitioners who are deeply skilled in all facets of BI/DW solutions, strategies, and methodologies.
  • Tiber employees provide BI/DW strategy, coaching, and technical expertise to IT organizations from the CIOs to developers.
  • Tiber employees also cross over to the business side and partner with executives to co-invent optimal solutions that truly improve their business.

Intangible Qualities

Thought Leaders

  • Hard-working
  • Take On Responsibility
  • Dedicated, Loyal
  • Natural Leaders
  • Problem Solvers
  • Life-Long Learners
  • Honest, Humble
  • Strong Communication Skills

Open Positions