Data Lakes: Problem, Solution, & Benefits

Scott Person

Visual Data Warehousing

John Burnside, Trevor Filipiak,
Jim Hadley, Greg Jones,
Vincent Tsai

Tiber Solutions Corporate Briefing

Jim Hadley

Designing Business Intelligence Applications and Dashboards for End-User Needs

Jim Hadley

ETL Design Patterns and Code Templates

Scott Person

Predictive Analytics Algorithms

Trevor Filipiak

True Evolutionary Iterative Development

Jeremy Kuhlenbeck

Current BI / Data Visualization Landscape

Brad Sheridan

Abstracted Data Models for Powerful Metric Solutions

Nick Caple

Hands-On Hadoop Product Training

Jessica Krosschell

Machine Learning Primer

Dave McIntire

Real-Word Star Schema Challenges

Matt Roberts

On-Prem to AWS Migration Strategies for Oracle, Informatica, SAP, and Tableau

Michael Goo

Oracle Exadata vs Oracle RDS (AWS) Comparison

Michael Goo

Hadoop-Based Data Warehousing

Scott Person

The Truth About Data

Greg Jones

Introduction to Graph Databases

Trevor Filipiak

Designing and Developing Optimal Dashboard Applications

Jim Hadley

Optimal Design Solutions for Successful BI Applications

Jim Hadley

Understanding the Future of Business Intelligence and Data Storage

Jim Hadley